Bangle.js 2 not showing incoming call notifications

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  • I am not getting incoming call notifications on my Bangle.js 2. Other notifications are showing up fine.

    I'm on firmware 2.12, Gadgetbridge 0.65.0, and Android 12. I'm using the Development app loader and I'm on v0.07 of the Android Integration.

    I can send test notifications using the Debug part of Gadgetbridge; should the "Incoming call" button in the Debug part of Gadgetbridge be doing something on my Bangle.js 2?

    I've tried re-paring my watch with Gadgetbridge, and I have the Phone Calls set to Always in the Gadgetbridge notification settings. Are there any other settings I need to check?

  • So, is this going to be fixed in the next version of Gadgetbridge? How often is Gadgetbridge released?

  • So, is this going to be fixed in the next version of Gadgetbridge?

    I think yes.

    How often is Gadgetbridge released?

    They seem to release once or twice a month. Latest version (0.65) came out one week ago.

  • Soooo... did this somehow break the GB release process? I'm really waiting for this fix and GB's last release was more than a month ago

  • Ha, I've been wondering this as well, still waiting for the next GB release...

  • GB 0.66 released!

  • Do you get the notifications on the watch after the update to 0.66? On my watch it's still not working ....

  • Same! Installed the default apps and the Android Integration app. Removed and added the Bangle in the Gadgetbridge app but still no notification on an incoming call.

  • Unfortunately debug and release builds seem the behave differently:­ssues/976#issuecomment-1074417298

  • Unfortunately debug and release builds seem the behave differently:

    Well that's a good thing really - it means we have a way to reproduce :)

  • The pull request which should hopefully finally fix this issue has just been merged. Let's hope for version 0.67.

  • 0.66 did not resolve the issue for me either. Hope we don't have to wait too long for version 0.67...

  • Where do you find this 0.66 version? I am using F-Droid to install Gadgetbridge and it is still showing 0.63.1 as the latest version.

    Never mind, I think it is a problem on my phone. F-Droid is not updating anything...

  • Same issue here with LineageOS + Gadgetbridge 0.66. I believe 0.67 is coming soon to F-Droid, the changelog was already posted.

  • This is really frustrating. Why does it take two months until Gadgetbridge makes a new release? Didn't "they" make one every month or every few weeks last year? Who may I offer my help to speed things up?

  • It seems the GadgetBridge 0.67 build failed, but a fix is underway.

  • GB .67 Released on last week and this issue fixed 🥰

  • Download .67 apk directly from droid site

  • In the meantime the bangle.js version of Gadgetbridge became available and I am using that now.
    I needed to do a factory reset on the watch before it started working.

  • Ok, so I have installed bangle.js version of Gadgetbridge (0.67.1b-banglejs) and bangleJ firmware version 2v14. I didn't receive call notifications.

    I checked Gadgetbrige's permissions and it was missing phone and caller list permissions (not sure about the english names of permissions, it's "Telefon" and "Anrufliste" in German). I added them and now I see a notification when my phone is ringing 🎉🎉

    Is there a way to make this notification vibrate until I accept the call?

  • I have the similar request posted here: maybe you can comment on the settings suggestion?

  • Hi - I just started out with my new Bangle.js 2. I love the watch but have the same issue with both the official release of gadgetbridge and the version I installed from F-Droid. Is there a fix for this yet? Gettting notifications for incoming phone calls is one of the main reason I need a smartwatch to begin with.

  • So you're saying that normal notifications work fine, you're just not getting call notifications?

    What about if you go into Gadgetbridge on Android, click Debug, then Incoming Call. Do you see anything then?

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Bangle.js 2 not showing incoming call notifications

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