• To increase the lifespan of a Li-Ion battery it should not be charged to 100% - I'm searching for a software controlled method to stop the charging process. This may only be possible if the charging circuit is inside the nRF SoC.
    A more difficult way would be to stop the charging with a "Bluetooth Relay Module".

  • No, there's no way to stop charging by software as far as I'm aware...

  • If you want to maximise battery life, then there are a few parameters: age, cycle count, charge level and temperature. You can't do anything about age and max charge level. Temperature in the watch should already be below 40C at all times (one would hope, being on your wrist!)

    The best thing to do is to not put the watch on the charger every night, but only when the level is low. That'll remove long periods of the battery being at 100% charge. Since the watch lasts for weeks before needing a charge, even a battery that loses 20% after only 200 cycles (a extremely conservative estimate) should still be good for years.

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Is there a possibility to stop the charging of a Bangle.js 2?

Posted by Avatar for HilmarSt @HilmarSt