FS library for STM32F4 Discovery

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  • Currently it doesn't work with Discovery and other boards that ship without a card slot. That is totally understandable since they are not officially supported and you sure have more important bits to work on.

    But is it something you keep your eye on and plan to address at some point? Or is it unlikely to be implemented?

  • It's not on my priority list at all, but there is a bug for it: https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/iss­ues/15

    It wouldn't be too hard (in fact it's really quite easy) to port the standard SPI filesystem to Espruino's hardware abstraction. Once that is done you can just recompile with USE_FILESYSTEM=1 in the makefile and it'll spring into life on whatever platform you want.

    Ideally someone would make it work off a JS object - then you add an SD card on whatever pins you want, without recompiling.

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FS library for STM32F4 Discovery

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