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  • I again have an issue with the run app not being able to trigger "off" in the recorder app. I'm on the latest firmaware, latest apps. I had the whole watch reinstalled 2 weeks ago for I recently had a "storage corruption" issue.
    What happened is that at the end of my first run since reinstallation, I was able to stop the recorder with the run app. I actually ran a bit more and restarted the recorder using the "append" option. Great addition btw. And when I finished my run, the run app wouldn't stop when clicking the side button. I had to restart the watch, and then go into "settings" "recorder" and manually stop the recorder that was still running. Any clue why this happens ?

  • If you can reproduce this error, can you connect with the Web IDE, and then try it again? You might an error message is produces that helps us

  • I've found out that changing the number of the track in the recorder app was solving the issue.
    I deleted an reinstalled the recorder app. First recording, triggered with the run app and stopped as intended with one single press on the side button. Then if I do a second run, I click on "new", it starts, but doesn't stop. Same thing goes with "append". The good thing, is that I now know how to make it record properly.

    I'm not sure what I should do in the web ide. I connected the watch and started on the screen of my watch the run app. I didn't see any message when I tried to stop the run app with the side button. The only message is when I reboot the watch I have:
    WARNING: No free GPIOTE for watch
    It sounds like it's related to the fact I didn't wait to have a gps fix for the tests.

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Review of Run App

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