• Based on my Analog Clock Construction Kit (ACCK) and in view of the situation, that people want to get s.th. they can "install", I used the Bangle.js App Customiser (@Gordon: what a brilliant idea) and hacked "AC-AC" ("A Configurable Analog Clock") - yes, "AC-DC" would then be "A Configurable Digital Clock".

    The customizer does not look pretty - and, particularly, it does not check whether the URLs you may enter are valid and point to valid code or not (that's your task!) - but it gives you the chance to build your own, personal analog clock for the Bangle.js 2 (out of approx. 102144 possible built-in combinations - and out of endless combinations when including external modules) without having to program yourself!

    Because of the ACCK, you currently have the choice between

    • 2 different clock sizes,
    • 4 different clock faces,
    • 3 different clock hands and
    • 4 different complications

    Alternatively, you may specify the URL of ACCK compatible modules for external clock sizes, faces, hands or complications - this makes ACCK and AC-AC extensible in the future.

    Additionally, you may use the currently configured global theme or configure your own colors for clock fore- and background and second hands.

    With greetings from Germany: have fun!

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  • Nice!

  • wow, nice indeed !

  • @Andreas_Rozek I wanted to try this one, but after having picked the options I want nothing happens when pressing "Upload"...

    The button has a look that makes me think it's disabled, grey rather than the purple I see in other customisable apps. Maybe there's something going on with entry validation? Although, I was merely picking from the available options, nothing custom.

  • please try again right now, I was changing a few things and had to test them with my personal app loader, of course. The situation will become stable as soon as the app is part of the official app loader and you may use that for the officially released app.

    Sorry for any inconveniences!

  • I just added a configuration backup and restore facility which frees you from having to enter a once chosen configuration over and over again - now, the most recently configured settings will just be restored as soon as you visit the (same) app loader again (with the same browser on the same device)

  • No inconvenience...

    It's working now and looking great! You've created an absolutely awesome tool here. As soon as I have some spare time (school's killing me at the moment) I'm gonna sit down and try to make some modules for it.

  • Great! I can hardly wait to see what others will make with my little kit!

  • Wow. This is layers upon layers of impressive.

  • Brilliant @Andreas_Rozek - one of the best things I've seen on Bangle 2. Wondering if steps could be added as a complication. You just need: Bangle.getHealthStatus("day").steps

  • Thank you very much for the praise! I am glad you like it

  • Thank you very much for the praise!

    Why don't you write a complication yourself? Because of expected numbers in the 1000s and, perhaps, 10000s, I'd assume that "larger" complications are a requirement (i.e., positions "t" or "b" only) - and in that case, you could use the "date" complication as a basis.

    I do not have any more time for Bangle.js development right now - for that reason, I'd prefer if people would start working with the ACCK and develop their own parts - thats what the kit was made for!

  • I've already found something cool to do with this.

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  • Is the AC-DC version on the horizon?
    Not a fan of Analogue faces, mainly cause I can't read them well.

    Also if you have a clock face with a second hand I assume battery use is higher as it has to redraw every second ?

  • Cool!

    Did you really just use AC-AC (with a custom clock face) or the ACCK using the Bitmap Clock Background with a custom bitmap?

  • Well, unfortunately, I don't have any time to develop s.th. like AC-DC in the moment - it should be better if somebody else would care about a version for digital clocks.

    Concerning clocks with second hands: second hands will only be drawn while the touchscreen is unlocked (and the LCD backlight on). As a consequence, only then the refresh rate will be one per second, otherwise it will be one per minute.

  • I've used AC-AC, with a face I've "forked" from four-fold.

  • very well done!

  • I just renamed the "four-fold" and "twelve-fold" clock faces in AC-AC to "four-numbered" and "twelve-numbered". The new names seem to be more accurate than the old ones.

    The only change you should notice (among the updated instructions) may be, that AC-AC does not remember a previously chosen "four-fold" or "twelve-fold" clock face - but this should happen at most once.

  • Just to let you know: I took the opportunity of a bug fix to raise the version of AC-AC to 1.0 - you should soon be able to find the new version in the official Bangle.js 2 app loader.

    Many thanks to nxdefiant who reported the bug and to johan-m-o who found the underlying typo before I even became aware of the issue!

  • I'm not a fan of analog clocks but AC-AC is impressive!

  • just for the records: version 1.0 of AC-AC is now available on the official Bangle App Loader

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AC-AC - a highly customizable analog clock (absolutely no programming required)

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