Swipe between clock faces

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  • I swear there was an app that let you swipe between clock faces (as in clock faces already loaded onto the bangle, I know there is an app that let you swipe between faces you can add in the code), However, I can't find it anywhere?
    There is a random clock face loader so I know you can do it but before I started coding I just wanted to make sure this was not a fever dream?

  • You might be thinking of Multiclock.
    There a swipe clock somewhere.

    The random clock was B1 might need porting to B2 or may already work but not been marked for B2 yet.

    There is also the pattern launcher which allows you to setup multiple swipe patterns and link them to different apps.

  • Yeah maybe to old version of Multiclock let you swipe thought clock faces.
    Guess I will just make one and maybe post it when I am done, if other might find it useful

  • Its still in the App store and works for Bangle 2.
    I was wrong - you dont swipe you tap on the bottom right or top right to switch between faces.
    I think it would be a 1 line code change to switch it to swiping.
    The advantage of the top bottom taps its that these emulate the BT1 and BT3 presses on a Bangle1.

  • what would Random clock need to be ported to Bgl2 ? i thought the idea really interresting to have a random clock showing among all installed clocks

  • Yeah I would also love to have this working.
    What is the app called on Bgl2?

  • It probably already works, just needs trying and marking as supporting Bangle 2.

  • thanks i ll give it a try then

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Swipe between clock faces

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