To big to save to flash (only 2520 bytes available!?)

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  • Espruino WIFI
    2v11 (c) 2021 G.Williams

    Compacting Flash...
    Calculating Size...
    ERROR: Too big to save to flash (9361 vs 2520 bytes)
    Deleting command history and trying again...
    Code is too big to save to Flash.

    Minification is on with Esprima offline. In the past there were no problems with uploading my code. Smthng went wrong after updating to 2v11 or updating IDE

  • If you click on the 'Storage' icon in the middle of the Web IDE screen, do you see any other files in Storage?

    It might be that you already have other files in Storage that are stopping you having space to write your new code in?

  • You can do require("Storage").eraseAll() to ensure you totally wipe everything if needed

  • require("Storage").eraseAll()

    The problem was that there were no any files seen in the storage via IDE.
    But as soon as I executed "eraseAll" command my Espruino became alive again. So, the storage was probably filled with some hidden trash due to some occasion.
    Thanks for the help

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To big to save to flash (only 2520 bytes available!?)

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