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  • Hi, my Bangle.js 2 sometimes displays "FIFO_FULL" or "MEMORY_BUSY" (see attached screenshot). Things I have installed:

    • Latest firmware 2.11
    • Android Integration (v0.05)
    • Pedometer Widget (v0.20)
    • Health Tracking (v0.09)
    • Gadgetbridge Music Controls (v0.08)

    Any ideas what causes these errors? Is there some kind of log to find out?


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  • I see this when uploading source code vie the IDE

  • I have the same red MEMORY_BUSY message appearing on my BangleJS2 - latest firmware and pedometer widget showing large numbers like this.

  • I don't think its specific to Apps I suspect its related to the IDE. I see it on about 50% of file uploads through the IDE. I just do a reset before I test. . Never happens when using the App loader. Its an annoyance but not a major issue.

  • I've seen that randomly (just everyday use) on the watch since updating to 2v11.251. Haven't had time to troubleshoot yet...

    Will turn on debug messages and see if anything pops up.

  • Never seen it in daily use apart from uploading files. What are you generally running most of the time ? Unlikely that you are running low on RAM on a B2.

  • I'm running the Anton clock with battery, Bluetooth and weather widgets. Android integration and Messages are also frequently used, of course...

  • I also see it randomly, while not connected to the IDE / App Loader. Most of the time my bangle is connected to Gadgetbridge running on my phone.

  • I have never seen the MEMORY_BUSY error, just the FIFO_FULL when I upload a file using the IDE.

  • The FIFO_FULL issue is when more data gets sent than Bluetooth can handle. The Web IDE does implement flow control but it's possible that on some platforms there's enough of a delay for data transmission that the buffer can overflow. I guess I could lower the point at which the flow control is toggled to help avoid this.

    With Gadgetbridge, there is no flow control BUT it's a patch I have that I'm hoping to get in to Gadgetbridge soon, so it should hopefully avoid these kinds of issues. I'd have thought it would be very rare (more than ~1kb of data needs to be sent in one go) but maybe if you have some big notifications that could trigger it.

  • Under what conditions does MEMORY_BUSY get shown? Seeing it a bit more often. I'm typically running 3 widgets and clock.

  • MEMORY_BUSY happens when something is happening to the variable store which keeps it busy (that usually means garbage collection) and a new variable is requested from inside an interrupt.

    That should be extremely rare especially on Bangle.js 2, so it'd be great if you could find a way to reliably reproduce it. It's possible you have some app that is forcing a garbage collect which is making it more of a problem though? On Bangle.js 2 GC passes should be super rare given the amount of RAM available.

  • I had a brief period a fewweeks ago when I'd seeMEMORY_BUSY a few times a week, but have not seen it at all since my last message in this thread (14 days ago).

  • I have had this too, both MEMORY_BUSY and FIFO_FULL.

    Everytime I use "GPS Info" to try and setup a GPS connection (which never succeeded) I get the FIFO_FULL. The weird thing is, I am just connected to my phone, not to the WebIDE or something else which sends data.

    MEMORY_FULL also looks like it appearing randomly. I did compact the data a few times using the Utils menu, but it still happens a few times a week.

    I do have the Bangle.js2 btw, with firmware v2.11 (not bleeding edge), 12000 JS Vars and 7800+k free

    Is this something I need to take action on, or just reload?

  • Everytime I use "GPS Info" to try and setup a GPS connection (which never succeeded) I get the FIFO_FULL.

    FIFO_FULL is solved (90%) in GPS Info version 0.09: Fix FIFO_FULL error

    For "GPS connection (which never succeeded)" you should try "Assisted GPS Update (AGPS)" in the App Loader.

  • I don't think this is something to worry about at the moment.

    FIFO_FULL is hopefully fixed in the GPS Info (but also in absolute latest firmwares I've disabled that warning as it wasn't any real help).

    MEMORY_BUSY would be good to know if you find a way of reliably reproducing this, but again it's nothing to worry about

  • I've just seen Memory Busy. No non default widgets, running the Pastel clock. RAM was at 17% which is what it seems to be at most of the time on the clockface.

  • I have seen this sometimes as well with the Pastel clock. Usually after I have been uploading files through the IDE. Cant find a pattern to it to easily reproduce. My gut feel is it could be something to do with one of the custom fonts but that could be rubbish.

  • Interesting. Earlier in the day I had been running some code from the IDE, just playing around a bit, but the message showed up hours later. It is possible I had done something else in the mean time though, I am finding I manage to unlock and launch apps accidentally even with button press being the only active wake method. Probably because I wear on my right wrist.

    Edit: just saw this again, and definitely haven't been using the IDE since the watch was last rebooted. I've had the clock open, and I've had the 15 puzzle open.

  • I wonder if there is a way to wrap some of the code with try catch and see if there is a cause and effect or its something else.

  • You can use E.getErrorFlags() to see if the error flag was set... My gut feel is memory busy might be something like the pressure sensor, or something with a promise that completes outside of the main execution loop.

  • I had a look and also found E.on('errorFlag', function(errorFlags) { ... }); Was thinking there might be a way of dumping a stacktrace to work out what prompted the MEMORY_BUSY, but then realised that the context would be lost by the time E.on('errorFlag',) has been received.

    I see MEMORY_BUSY every now and again when running my Pastel clock. As far as I know I am not doing anything particularly heavy etc. Could this be caused by code that might cause a memory leak (I dont think Pastel has a Memory leak), just cluthing at straws really.

  • I saw it a few times with Pastel, then I switched clocks to 93 Dub and didn't see it again. But I don't know what in Pastel could be doing it.

  • It's a hard one. I recently found an issue that caused NRF.setAdvertising to create a 'memory busy' error.

    If it helps: 'memory busy' means something running in an interrupt requested a new JS variable and one couldn't be provided because the main thread was using the variable store (most likely for Garbage collection).

    So... If you keep calling process.memory() which triggers a GC pass then it's far more likely that you get the error - things like the memory widget will do that a lot

  • Aha, Pastel calls process. memory every draw, 60 seconds, I did not realise it schedules a GC as well Is there a way to get current memory usage without triggering a GC? If not I will take this out of Pastel.

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fifo_full / memory_busy

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