appListStr is not defined

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  • Yesterday, I got my two new Bangles ("for both hands"!) - and, right after connecting the first one to my desktop, I just wanted to update the applications that came with the watch (from within

    However, update failed with the browser messages

    Launcher Update failed Reference Error: appListStr is not defined
    Bootloader Update failed Reference Error: appListStr is not defined
    Update failed, no Apps can be updated

    (unfortunately, these messages disappear soon after being shown so that I cannot simply copy-and-paste them here). The watch itself, it wants me to Hold the button to reload - but even then, I can not reconnect the watch until I reboot it.

    Does anybody have an idea how to proceed?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • I guess I can answer this question myself: simply retry updating - after a while it will (hopefully) proceed.

    Nevertheless, these problems are quite annoying...

    Nota bene: it may be helpful to reload the App Loader page (at in order to reset its internal BLE state - I found that the Bangle sometimes leaves the browser in a state that does not allow to reconnect the watch...

  • Wow, that all seems strange. Anyone else had this issue?

    It might be worth making sure you do a full refresh of the page (Ctrl+F5) just in case somehow you were left with some cached version of a file in the app loader that was older than the others

  • Yeah, I've had some error mentioning appListStr pop up every now and then.
    But retrying/refreshing fixed it every time, so I didn't look into it.
    (and I usually use my localhost loader, and figured that might cause it)

  • Is there something wrong with the official AppLoader?
    It now shows, after Ctrl+F5, for example Languages v0.11. When I connect my Bangle.js2 it shows I can upgrade Languages to v.013. However when I click on 'v.013' the Change Log doesn't go further than 0.11. Same hold for 3 other apps that are upgradable.

    Edit - Okay it seems I installed those newer versions myself with the development AppLoader... So no cache issues here.

  • I have seem this a few times. I put it down to flaky Wifi at my end.

    Potentially I might have seen it when I have cocked up on an apps.json change and uploaded to my App Loader.

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appListStr is not defined

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