Corrosion on new charger point

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  • this is actually the first I've heard of the tape coming off

    on my watch the tape came off already after 2 months, a piece of new tape helped

  • The tape on mine came off two or three weeks ago. I then put nail polish on the two middle pins, still good.

  • I also confirm the small sticker/tape on the two middle contacts is slowly coming off. Most probably due to cleaning and wearing. Those contacts remain a weak part of the Bangle.js 2 including the weak magnets of the charging cable that just helps a little to keep it in place. I decided to use the silicon cover and apply a bigger piece of electrical tape to cover all 4 contacts that I can easily replace if needed at every charge.

  • My way: I took 2 adhesive tapes (one is denser and more sticky, the second is small and transparent), then I cut out a small patch and sealed the middle contacts with the denser tape, then I pasted a patch of transparent tape over it. Cheap, good hold, easy to remove. Not felt by hand.

    The transparent tape is bent a little from above and glued with the sticky side to the sticky one, forming a small grip for easy removal and re-gluing.

  • I bought it on May 20 and it's not charging anymore. Is there any way to fix this issue?

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  • Looks like your tape wandered from the two middle pins and now covers one of the charger pins. The black tape should be on the two middle pins, as seen in the other pictures here.

  • Yes, I removed the tape and it's charging correctly. Thanks for the tip.

  • Mine came off within days. Aggressive sweat is the likely cause in my case. Masking tape is doing the job for now but I'm considering superglue or something for long term.

  • Glad that fixed it. I'm amazed it slipped that far though!

    Sorry to hear yours disappeared so quickly Subtlewolf - usually it's a bit better than that!

    I think to make 100% sure it stays, applying some nail polish/touchup paint to those middle two pins is probably the best solution (in fact it's only the 3rd pin from the left you really have to worry about).

  • So I'm affected now, too :-(

    I have a kickstarter Bangle and I covered the middle pins with arcylic varnish. However the charger contacts seemed to puncture the varnish and the watch is in a loading-not loading-loading cycle - most time not loading anymore. The strange thing is that the only obviously corroded pin is the middle left one. The others seem to be ok. Any idea on how to get it back to work again?

    Edit: vaRnish of course, vanish would be also nice :-)

  • the watch is in a loading-not loading-loading cycle - most time not loading anymore

    Do you have a video? If it's doing that I'd imagine it is totally unrelated to the SWD pins. It could be that the external flash memory has got corrupted.

    Which firmware version are you on? I know there were issues in 2v15 but I'm pretty sure they got fixed on 2v16

  • The watch works, but charging results in either not-charging or waht seems to be a loose contact.
    My first thought was also the firmware, but I managed to update to v16 squeezing out the battery.
    I have no video, but a pic of the contacts. Varnish removed.

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  • The connectors don't look that bat - I'd imagine just carefully cleaning the outer contacts would fix the charging issue you are seeing (although I'd be careful not to scratch them).

    I could really do with some kind of video of what the boot loop looks like... Does it ever exit the blocky bootloader text? Does is display the Bangle.js logo?

    But either way I'm certain it's not the charging pins that are at fault here with your boot loop - the CPU is obviously working because it's getting to show bits of the bootloader screen, it's probably a software error

  • Hello all, my tape got out too (and it has been moving for a while), I was considering some more permanent solution like instant glue on the two pins.
    Do you think something can go wrong with this? I guess I should be able to remove it with something like WD-40 in the worst case. Any recommendations? I don't have any nail polish at hand.

  • I have tried several kinds of tape (kapton tape, generic electric tape, 3M clear waterproof repair tape), but the best so far is generic clear document film (known in Germany under the tesafilm moniker). I use a strip about 5mm wide to cover both middle contacts and to give it some area to cling to it is quite long. Starting directly at the ridge of the heart sensor to have no easy starting point for it to peel off and extending over the two contacts to the next ridge in the bangle case under the strap. Close to perfect since a few months and very easy and cheap to replace if it should fail. Tried nail polish and acrylic paint as well with very mediocre results. Be careful how you clean the watch before applying tape or paint, the ABS plastic really does not like acetone as found in some nail polish removers.

  • It's a tricky one - I think paint should be a pretty long-term solution. For instance if it's car touch-up paint then paint thinners should get rid of it, and the Bangle's ABS plastic will be fine with that. As @halemmerich says, Acetone/nail varnish remover will attack the plastic though.

    Tape is definitely a quick, very nondestructive fix though, and is easy to replace if it does come loose.

  • Well, thanks, I'll keep the tape then! Don't want to mess up with the watch

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Corrosion on new charger point

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