• Since I've updated settings 0.33 => 0.35 and bootloader 0.36=>0.37 I've had problems with my locale not having any impact anymore. When setting the time with either gadgetbridge or Bangle.js App Loader, it always shows GMT instead of GMT + 1 (German time, which I set it to). I can manually set the time on the device to the correct value (advancing 1 hour) but the next time I connect via BLE, the time is overwritten.

    The locale->TimeZone setting always stays at the correct value, it is just ignored.

    I never had that problem before updating yesterday. I'm not exactly sure which versions I updated from but I've been doing updates very frequently so I think the version numbers should be correct.

    I'm reasonably capble with the Web IDE so if there's any info/dump that would help, please let me know.

    Edit: I'm using Bangle.js 2 btw.


  • I saw the same thing and did a full reset of the watch and everything started working after that.

    There's an issue for this open on Github, and a few hours ago Gordon commited a fix that might take care of this. If you don't do anything else than update the firmware to 2v10.239 it would be interesting to see if that fixes things.

  • As posted on that issue, please can you try:

    Connect with the Web IDE and type load("bootupdate.js") in the left-hand pane. It'll say reloading, but at that point just long-press the button to reload the clock.

    I bet it'll be fixed? The newest firmware builds should stop it happening again though.

  • I needed to depend on a working alarm this morning so I already reset the device wih default apps yesterday. This seemed to resolve the issue and I haven't had any issues since. Thanks :)

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TimeZone setting ignored (probably after updating settings to 0.35 and bootloader to 0.37)

Posted by Avatar for Jonathan @Jonathan