Banner "Loading" is annoying

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  • After updating the firmware, the "Loading" message appeared. Now, when using the clock, I see this inscription all the time, but the clock works quickly and why then look at the word "Loading" in the center of the screen every time?
    I wonder if it just annoys me? :)

    How to remove this inscription or how to add a longer interval of time before the appearance of the inscription "Loading"?

  • The message is displayed by the Launcher app. On my watch (Bangle2) it's named, but it's minified. You can pull an unminified version from github, remove that line, and push it to your watch.

  • @yngv126399 Thanks for the advice :)

  • I also find it annoying, particularly, when you start an app that also displays "loading..." behind it (as, e.g., the Anton Clock, or almost any other app that is installed per default on the device).
    I'd appreciate if it was configurable in the settings. It was probably introduced to give the user feedback that something is about to happen, but the only long delay I have noticed, is after pressing the button to enter the menu (Bangle 2). Here, a short vibration as feedback would be sufficient.

  • The banner is actually inside the firmware, but I guess there could be an option added to turn it off.

    The issue is there's no other feedback about when the watch has chosen to load an app because the button has been pressed long enough - I think if you were able to try it with it off you'll find it's basically unusable - you hold the button to go back but you have no idea when to release it. If you have a clock that's slow to load you can just end up repeatedly re-loading it because you hold the button too long - or worse, rebooting the whole watch

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Banner "Loading" is annoying

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