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  • Just wanted to mention that Seeed Studio put an NRF52840 in the XIAO form factor:­LE-nRF52840-p-5201.html

    Would be a good stopgap until we finally get an official MDBT50Q breakout with Espruino programmed in, if only it's in stock :P

  • ZigBee module ?

    this could be a game changer.
    how many ZigBee compatible MCUs are out there?

  • An Espruino build for this board would be really cool. The IMU is the same as in the Puck and there's also a flash chip!!
    As a Bangle.js 2 owner, I'm also very intrigued by the concept of having a file system on the SPI flash that can be accessed via BLE through the web IDE. This would enable really cool data logging options on the simpler, cheaper espruino boards.
    Is this hard to implement? You'd require some kind of simplified, stripped-down build of Bangle.js 2 or is there a simpler way?
    In this context I also thought about spinning my own Puck PCB with the MDBT42 and for example a GD25Q16 flash chip, since I have some laying around here.

  • The Storage module on external flash is independent of Bangle.js, so actually it should be pretty easy to get it running on the XIAO. The IMU isn't independent of Puck.js though, so I guess you'd have to make a modified Puck.js build for it - even so, it wouldn't be a huge deal

  • I have a build working based of the and changing the console to bluetooth.

    Any thoughts or points on how to get the console going on the built in USB as a serial device?

    I have tried the 'EV_USBSERIAL' without any luck, is that working on any of the other nRF52840 boards?

  • yes, works for me on nrf52840 dongle and also Particle XENON, there is no special trick except this line­c8eb2a4562785bbb684f661e#file-nrf52840do­ngle-py-L43 which is in NRF52840DK board file too.

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