• Of course, the v1 still works fine as a watch but now that I have a v2 it is not going to be seeing much use. The Bangle.js 2 is just too good! So, I started thinking what I could do with the Bangle.js 1 instead of just letting it collecting dust.

    I have a smol child that loves the Octonauts TV-show, and in the show the characters use a watch for calling each other and to alert everyone of dangers and asking for help with the Octo Alert. So, I created a small app to turn the Bangle.js 1 into an Octowatch (code is here if anyone's interested). It's going to be a Christmas gift, so I can't say how it was received yet...

    Would love to hear what other creative uses people have found for their v1s now that the v2 is here (other than as a watch).

    Edit: Added some photos.

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  • That looks great! Do you think you could submit it as an app in the app loader? I bet a bunch of kids would like that.

    I seem to recall a bit of a post about this sort of thing before, but some thoughts I had:

    • Remote sensor - the magnetometer could detect door openings/similar and the accelerometer can detect angle (for instance you could put it on a float).
    • Display for PC - it's relatively easy to script something up on Linux especially to make it advertise or transmit certain data via BLE - so you could transit build status, CPU load, etc to display on the watch. Maybe more useful on a Raspberry Pi where you may not have a server. When the new Gadgetbridge with internet gets done this'll be even easier.
    • Display for BLE devices - you can use it to display things like the water levels on Mi Flora plant moisture sensors, there's even an app for that
    • In-car display - you can use the GPS to display GPS speed, and can even have a G meter. A friend even has one intregrated into his car's dashboard.

    Sure there are more as well...

  • @Gordon Yes, I'm sure I've seen a few posts like this before but couldn't find them again in my search before posting this...

    I'm not sure I can submit it to the app loader. I would love to, but the images included in the app aren't mine... I'm willing to take the "risk" of being called out on that in my own repo, but adding it to the Bangle Apps repo and smacking an MIT licence on it doesn't sound like it would be entirely in accordance with the licence.

  • Argh, thanks - yes, that's a bit of a shame :(

  • your app looks really cool and one of my kids could really enjoy playing with it
    Good job !
    Just a suggestion to be able to submit it to the app loader, maybe replacing the pictures by free-to-use ones and changing the name would do the trick. And a little note in the Readme file to explain how to replace them. That way everyone could even personnalize it.
    I d personnaly be gald to install it

  • @nicoboss Thank you. Yes, I've been playing with similar ideas. Nothing has really come off as very practical yet though...

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Uses for the Bangle.js 1 now that you have a Bangle.js 2

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