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  • Great job, Gordon! (Moving over from a Pebble...)

    Is there any information/guide to the LCD settings anywhere? Particularly the settings for Twist Threshold, Twist Max Y, and Twist Timeout please.

    Thanks and best wishes to our community!

  • Good point! About the best reference by now is buried in the setOptions reference:­le_setOptions

    • twistThreshold How much acceleration to register a twist of the watch strap? Can be negative for oppsite direction. default = 800
    • twistMaxY Maximum acceleration in Y to trigger a twist (low Y means watch is facing the right way up). default = -800
    • twistTimeout How little time (in ms) must a twist take from low->high acceleration? default = 1000

    But this (or perhaps a more understandable version of it) should really be in the Settings Readme :)

  • Afraid I still can't get it to work - Wake on Touch isn't responding, and I can't find any settings that get the LCD to come on with a wrist twist.

  • For Wake on Touch you need to tap the screen and it's the tap that is detected. The touchscreen is off normally to save power.

    Turning on 'wake on twist' should work fine, just tried it here and it's fine. Are you left-handed? If so you could try negating twistThreshold

  • twistThreshold ... Can be negative for oppsite direction. default = 800

    The­le_setOptions list a different range and default value for the twist threshold as what I can find in my Bangle.js 2:

    twist threshold: 0-0.5 in steps of a 10th of a decimal,
    for me 0.2 seems to be a good default setting
    twist max y: -1500 till +1500 default: -800
    twist timeout: 0-2000, for me 500 seems to be a good default setting

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LCD Settings

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