Alternative fonts to ?

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  • I've done a massive trawl of looking for fonts that have straight lines for the slant on a 6 or a 9, also for digits and letter with flat (not rounded) tops and bottoms. There are very few. Lato is one I already use. I'm also looking for some very tall but thin digit fonts.

    I am wondering what other font sites there are that might be supported by Esprino / Bangle in the future. It seems to me that the really beautiful watch faces that have been produced for the Pebble have some very stylish fonts and this is going to be key in getting Pebble users to look at Bangle 2.

  • The font loader should support OTF, WOFF (and even TTF) fonts if you put the font link in directly. It's just a matter of finding them hosted somewhere!

    There was another very similar post and I thought that uploading fonts might be possible - but someone would have to experiment. If someone can make/find a webpage that allows you to upload a font and display it client-side then that's probably good enough

  • Aand...¬≠/pull/621 - it'll update later today I hope

  • Thank you so much! Just a few days ago I was wrestling with the page and had to invent my own "?family=" to add on the end of the URL in order to get it to accept a custom font I wanted it to process. Also I had to invent my own .css file in the style of the ones Google was using.

    This is much easier now.

  • OTF, WOFF (and even TTF)


    Apologies not come across these terms.

  • They're all font formats. Open Type Font, True Type Font, and WOFF the acronym escapes me but it is web something font, and is based on the other two but with a few web specific changes.

  • I have downloaded an OTF file in ZIP format ?­976-regular-font-129517.htm

    Inside are some .otf files.
    What am I mean't to do with it after that ? How do I get a URL for this ?
    These are not hosted anywhere as far as I know.

  • Upload one to the font converter. It looks like a URL is no longer required.

  • Wow - this is brilliant, a real game changer in my view. Massive thanks to @dandelany the guy that did this work.

    I have just managed to get the same font for my new Pebble clock as the original example I looked at.

  • No problem @HughB! Glad it was useful & thanks for the mention. I hadn't seen this thread & actually started on it a few days ago, good timing I guess :)

  • Yes, thanks @dandelany - really good timing!

    I should add that at least for me on Chrome for Linux, TTF fonts work fine too!

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Alternative fonts to ?

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