Having some issues with my Bangle.js 2

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  • Sorry, I must have misunderstood then. I thought I'd read there was no speaker and that it could only buzz.

  • Yes, I also thought this. But I tried it today and it makes a noise. Maybe it is generated by a slight buzzer movement but I dont feel any vibration.

  • Yeah it can do beep, but it actually uses the vibration motor to do it.

    Note: Bangle.js 2 does not contain a piezo speaker, but instead uses the vibration motor for sound. This means that while you can get some sound, it is extremely weak


  • Ah, ok. But it makes a real sound without a vibration.

  • I’m not hearing anything. I set my vibration to “Off” and made sure the beep is set to “on”. I then set a quick 1 minute timer and the screen showed that the timer was ended, but I couldn’t hear a thing, and I was holding my watch up to my ear at the time.

  • Maybe try setting a beep off in the IDE as @Tx described?

  • It looks like the alarm app does not call beep, it only calls buzz.


  • You should be able to hear a beep when enabling the option in settings. But since (as has already been mentioned) the Bangle 2 doesn't have a speaker the vibration motor is used at high frequency instead. And with the vibration motor being rather weak to start with it'll be very quiet...

  • Yes, some apps mention 2v11. 2v11 isn't released yet but the version of firmware on your Bangle is good enough to run those. I'll change the description but really what it means is "A firmware later than 2v10"

    what GPS app do I need for location.

    How do you want the location shown? Recorder will record the GPS location in a way that can then be viewed an exported, or OpenStreetmap will show your location on a map...

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Having some issues with my Bangle.js 2

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