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  • Hello,
    Im looking to use in javascript.­/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects­/Function/name
    while porting the Xstate library to Expruino.

    I believe or similiar is not available in Espruino.
    Also a common polyfill uses function.toString() and Although Espruino does have Object.toString() which operates on a function , the returned string does not provide the name. (see attached).

    Any thoughts on the possibility of implementing or a workaround to get the name of a function ?
    Thanks in Advance

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  • Hmm, that's a tricky one - yes isn't implemented. It's a bit tricky because to do it you'd end up having to waste a variable on every function to store the name twice. For instance this is what happens in Node:

    > var a = function() {}
    > var b = a;

    If all the functions you care about are in the global scope, you could run some code like this that adds name. It won't be fast but it'll work:

    function hello() {
    Object.defineProperty(Function.prototype­, "name", {
      get : function(){
        for (var k in global)
          if (global[k] == this) return k;
  • Thanks @Gordon,. I get the issue now with implementing.
    I appreciate your idea on the workaround and will try it out.

    Really enjoying working with Espruino , Pico is great, 5v tolerance really useful.
    Will be putting up on github, XState with Espruino including hierarchical states , asap.
    Comming along well.

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