Cant connect Bangle 2 via Bluetooth

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  • Hi,

    My watch isnt showing on my list of devices to connect to on my macos (High Sierra). What might i be doing wrong?

    Ive followed the troubleshooter advice with no luck, and chrome definitely isnt blocking it either.


  • Hum, I am not sure what troubleshoot advice you had but for me I have to remember to disconnect the watch in gadgetbridge before it will show up in my devicelist in my chrome browser.
    I am not using macos but linux - maybe it is broken on osx?

  • How are you trying to connect? The Bangle probably won't show in the OS's pairing menu because by default it doesn't provide any services Mac OS cares about.

    Does it appear if you go to in Chrome and click connect?

  • I have clicked on the gadgetbride on disconnect, then went on chromium to and clicked on "connect", but I only get "No compatible devices found". Going on the banglejs2 to "Settings/Make Connectable" makes on difference. Using Debian Linux Sid. BLE and Programmable is on; HID is off. And Bluetooth on the Laptop is on.

  • I use chrome myself - i assume you went to chrome://flags and activated the experimental features & web Bluetooth? Not sure if that is part of non-google chromeium. I use Version 96.0.4664.45.

  • @blkhawk yep. Aktivated the Experimental Web Platform features. Was on Chromium 93.0.4577.82. Now tried Chrom 96.0.4664.45 and it works :-).

  • Yes i've been trying to connect via chrome using
    Just tells me 'No compatible devices found'
    Updated to the new version of chrome 96.0.4664.45 but still no luck.

    BLE & Programmable are ON
    HID is OFF

    I also 'make connectable' every time i got to try and connect to

  • @user136677 what operating system and browser are you on?

    Have you connected to the Bangle.js with another device that you haven't yet disconnected it from? And did you already install Gadgetbridge?

  • Ah. is it a necessity to install gadgetbridge?

  • Ah. is it a necessity to install gadgetbridge?

    No, not at all. It's just that if installed, Gadgetbridge will stay connected (unless you manually disconnect it) which then stops other devices from connecting

  • Ok. I'm using Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 and chrome 96.0.4664.45

  • I had a similar issue. I disconnected the bangle from my iPhone (turned iPhone BT off) and then the Bangle showed up in the connection list on chrome.

  • Got it to connect to my iPhone via the WebBLE app. So I’m happy!

    Thank you everyone for your help

  • I had a similar issue, and while attempting to reset the bluetooth module of MacOS, at some point I typed in the terminal:


    Which instantly solved the problem.

  • Great! If you've got a Mac it's definitely worth restarting it just in case - I've heard of a whole bunch of cases where the Bluetooth stack gets confused. It's great if just typing bluetoothd will fix it without a restart though

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Cant connect Bangle 2 via Bluetooth

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