Check code without hardware connected

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  • We have a project using the MDBT42Q module, but hardware won't be ready for another month at least.
    I've bought a Pixl.js because it has an MDBT42Q module on the back of it. The idea was that I'd develop software using the Pixl.js, then do final testing on the actual hardware later.

    However, I use pin D27 on the MDBT42Q module, and this doesn't appear to be available on the Pixl.js, and I get an 'Uncaught ReferenceError: D27 is not defined' as a result.

    Is there a way of pre-checking code without any hardware connected to the IDE. Like you'd get with compilation using C, but a js equivalent.

  • Well, there's the 'lint' which is in the IDE and highlights any code that's obviously wrong.

    if you want to check the code on the Pixl and the pin names are different, you can always just rename them.


    var D27 = D0;

    Will fix the D27 error just fine for instance

  • Thank you Gordon,

    That was going to be my backup plan if nothing more elegant existed. Thought I'd check first before redefining everything.

    Thanks again :)

  • Instead of giving the pin another tech name, @user135646 you can give it a logical name and leave it in the 'settings'/ start of your app code. This will make you code even more readable (and gets you out of any conflict that may arise by the D# naming).

  • Yes, that's what I'd done anyway. But thanks for the suggestion.

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Check code without hardware connected

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