Offline app interface testing

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  • I'd like to have a web interface for the app I've been working on to allow files to be downloaded in a similar way to gpsrec, but I can't figure out how to test it all offline or at least in web space outside of GitHub, until such time as it's ready to be published. Is there an easy way to do this?

  • Hi - assuming you have actual hardware, you should be able to test it fine locally...

    So obviously the easy one is to just use GitHub pages, but if you can't do that you'll need to set up an HTTP server on your computer. Depends on your Operating System how hard that is, but usually it's pretty straightforward. Once hosted locally, go to http://localhost and you should be fine.

    Web Bluetooth isn't allowed by the we browser for HTTP pages (as opposed to HTTPS), but they make an exception for locally hosted pages to make it easier to develop.


    allow files to be downloaded in a similar way to gpsrec

    Are you looking at downloading GPS track data in particular? Because I've been working on a replacement for gpsrec (and the functionality in BangleRun) called recorder. The idea is this'll be able to handle logging GPS/HRM/Steps and custom data and export for any apps that need it - without having too much duplication

  • Thanks, will give that a go. It is indeed GPS track data although I apply cheapo smoothing by increasing the sample interval depending on how many satellites are in view (which seems to work better than not doing that).

  • I like to see that more and more runtime / late bound reusable infrastructure / utility components come to be to have just the app specifics using app foot print. Espruino eco system morphs into a full fledged, multi layered execution environment.

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Offline app interface testing

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