Neopixels on MDBT42Q: are R and G switched?

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  • I just tried to test a recently bought Neopixel RGB LED matrix. Since first experiments with an obniz board could test up to 85 LEDs only (but they were working fine), I though it might be a good idea to reactivate a MDBT42Q (after a firmware update to 2v10).

    A very first attempt

    let Neopixel = require("neopixel")
    Neopixel.write(D22, [255,0,0])

    showed a green(!) pixel - and

    let Neopixel = require("neopixel")
    Neopixel.write(D22, [0,255,0])

    turned it red(!) - blue seems to be fine.

    Are "R" and "G" just switched? That would sound strange...

  • It depends on the type of LED chip used - it seems there are a bunch of different arrangements of RGS :(

  • strange...everything worked as intended with the obniz board.

    Nevertheless, I still prefer the MDBT42Q - because it handles the full matrix! Great!

  • Tue 2021.10.26

    You may find this resource of great use @Andreas_Rozek for RGB ordering:

    REFERENCE table of RGB Led datasheets

    Group discussion around source code

    RGBW neopixel leds

  • Hello Robin,

    thank you very much - meanwhile I indeed found that RGB ordering is far from being "standardized"

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Neopixels on MDBT42Q: are R and G switched?

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