issue SyntaxError with "got[ERASED] expected..."

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  • Hi,
    I must confess i'm a bit lost.
    Since yesterday, i was experiencing a weird behavior on my watch, which was printing a long list of "->bluetooth" or "<-bluetooth" at the bottom of the screen, moving up the rest of the clock, each time i was moving far from my phone (with GadgetBridge).
    I tried to have a look with IDE at what was going on and noticed there were a repeating issue showing there :
    "Uncaught SyntaxError: Got [ERASED] expected ',' at line 1 col 97
    I don't even know if it is linked to the issue above.
    I feel a bit confused and i m totally a newbie, so forgive me if the clue might be obvious and my question dumb

    firmware is 2V10.137 (was 114 and had already the "->bluetooth" issue)


  • So I think you've got a few issues...

    -> Bluetooth gets printed all the time when connecting to Bluetooth, but normally it's hidden by the 'Debug' menu option in settings.

    Got [ERASED] expected happens either when you've deleted file that you're currently executing code out of, or somehow the file has got corrupted.

    I reckon in your case maybe what happened is you were uploading/updating (probably the bootloader?) and the connection broke for some reason halfway through the update, so you ended up with only half a file in memory.

    You could try just disconnecting from Gadgetbridge, reconnecting to the app loader and making sure you re-upload 'bootloader' and see if that fixes it?

  • Thanks for your answer Gordon

    for the "->bluetooth" i guessed it had something to do with the debug mode and and it turned it on (as it was off even if showing "->bluetooth"), then, rebooted the watch and turn debug off again. But "->bluetooth" printed again...

    I ll try to re-upload the bootloader and will try with settings too (as i updated it yesterday too), and i ll be back here.
    This must have something to do with the clock showing the wrong time too (i did not notice it before)

  • It looks like everything is back to normal after a re-set of both bootloader and settings (even debug mode that was acting like if it was set on "show")
    Thanks again

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issue SyntaxError with "got[ERASED] expected..."

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