HY 3.2 - is it working fine for you?

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  • I know that HY boards are officially unsupported but after reading other resources on this forum I believe that at the moment there are no major problems with 3.2" version.

    If anybody had a chance to play around with this board, could you please tell me about your experience? In particular I'm interested in RTC, SD Card and LCD.

  • I have the 3.2" version and I have no real problems. Had some inital flashing problems, but they were related to my laptop and not the card itself apparently. Haven't tried anything with the sdcard or rtc (it came without a battery for this and I haven't had time ti fix one yet), but the LCD works just fine. It's usper easy to draw and write stuf on it. The touch callback stuff feels a bit wonky to me, but I just use the example Gordon has on the page and that works sufficiently enough for my uses.

  • The 3.2 should work well (it's a similar chip to the Espruino board's so it should be well supported). LCD and SD should work fine, however there is no RTC support. That's something I'd like to add across all devices though (specifically using the RTC for system time).

    Having said that, you can still use peek and poke to enable the RTC and read the time (someone could make a module for doing this if they wanted).

    Mudderman: I think that a 'module' to handle the touchscreen would work really well. Now there's process.env, it should be easy to code in all the changes required for different boards. I'll see about hacking something up.

    Be really careful when buying though - make sure the board is the correct one. There are a bunch of different boards out there with varying LCD sizes, and some of them have completely different wiring and so aren't supported.

  • Just to let you know that I've added better Touchscreen support now: http://www.espruino.com/Touchscreen

    Note that for the moment you'll have to use the Web IDE on GitHub as the one on the Chrome Web Store doesn't yet handle modules included from other modules: https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoWebI­DE

  • Thank you guys, this looks good! Still can't make up my mind tho, deciding between HY3.2 and F4 Discovery. Suppose I just have to wait a little bit longer and the official board will come out :)

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HY 3.2 - is it working fine for you?

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