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  • The more I'm doing with Bangle.js, the more I'm thinking that in some cases, it might be handy to just have a grid of images.

    For instance the first page of the Settings screen could just be a bunch of icons for quick access. On Bangle.js 2 you'd tap them, and on Bangle.js 1 you cycle through with up/down and select with the middle button.

    Does this sound like something it's worth building in?

    It's something that the new Layout library should be able to help with though - so maybe there isn't actually a need for something specific? It just seems like it might be a feature that we'd actually want to encourage use of in order to make Bangle.js more user-friendly.

  • Definitely - like it. Maybe a configurable grid with images that would be scaled to fit a 2x2, 3x3 or a 4x4 grid. 4x4 might be pushing it a bit.

    BTW - I have a modifued toucher working on a B2 ! its very nice. Need to test on a B1 which I dont have with me right now as I am on a train.

  • I like that. Sounds like it would make perfect sense on the touch screen, and that it would work just fine by cycling through with button when there's no touch screen.

  • It's something that the new Layout library should be able to help with though

    Hello, just curious what is the layout library which you are referring to? I am new here and have just gone through some of the tutorials and played around with the emulator (can't wait to get my bangle.js 2) but I didn't see anything about a layout library.

    Is it the layout module here: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/b­lob/master/modules/Layout.js

  • There is a forum post on the library: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­367445/

  • Ok, great! I'll have a think about how best to implement this.

    As @Poolitzer says it's best to see that forum post. The Layout library was in flux a bit which is why it's not a proper tutorial yet, but it hasn't changed in a while and so try and get it turned into somethin on the main site. I know everyone wants to get started with the emulator and it's a bit hard to find out exact 'getting started' details right now.

  • Perfect, thanks!

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E.showIcons / E.showGrid

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