• I played around with Gadgetbridge and managed to get missed calls notified on my bangle 1.
    Had zero success with Bangle 2. Gadgetbridge would not reliably install on Bangle 2.
    The App Loader would say it had installed and then there would be no settings menu for it.
    I did install the files manually but still could not get a connection.
    Using the latest Gadgetbridge Android app from F-Droid, found the App hangs an aweful lot.
    Noticed comments about not selecting pair.

    The Gagetbridge on B2 seems a bit flakly at the moment.

  • No, I'm afraid there's no Gadgetbridge support on Bangle.js 2 at the moment. Mainly because the 'notification' library doesn't work (the standard one uses Bangle.js 1's offscreen buffer and scrolling).

    It's on my list of things to look into, because I'd like to combine it with a few other features: multiple notifications, as well as modifying notifications and displaying images. I have a branch of Gadgetbridge here which will send the directions from Google Maps to the watch, and it's so useful I really want to make sure it works from the start :)

  • Sounds brilliant.

  • @Gordon That Maps integration sounds great! Would that be possible for OpenStreetMap as well, like the popular Osmand app?

  • Just a note to say Gadgetbridge now works on Bangle.js 2 as long as you install 'fullscreen notifications'.

    Would that be possible for OpenStreetMap as well, like the popular Osmand app?

    I've got Osmand but I wasn't aware it did directions! Just tried it, and yes, it should work fine.

    The main thing is having a notification on the phone screen that shows the information you need for navigation, but it looks like OsmAnd does that. It may well need a few tweaks just to make sure it can split the right information out of the notification message, but that should be easy.

  • Just downloaded widpedom 0.19 and last full screen notifications.
    Still getting a problem with the widget size when the gadgetbridge icon displays.
    Have yet to test notifications.

    Do I need gadgetbridge installed or does full screen notifications suffice. Its not very clear if Full Screen Notifications is all you need.

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  • Not having any success getting notifications through to the bangle 2.
    Can see battery level status of the bangle on Gadgetbridge on the phone.
    The Widget Settings says I am connected.
    Can use the find phone capability and make the phone ring.
    So seem to be connected but when I call my mobile I am not getting any notifications.
    Have checked phone / App permissions for Gadgetbridge and access to phone / SMS is enabled.

  • Hmm, that's a pain about the pedometer. That's with large font, but no progress display?

    Do I need gadgetbridge installed or does full screen notifications suffice. Its not very clear if Full Screen Notifications is all you need.

    You do need gadgetbridge and fullscreen notifications (and not normal notifications, which gets automatically installed if you install Gadgetbridge first), so that could be your issue maybe?

  • What happens if you connect with the IDE and paste this code in:

    GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"­Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})

    With 'Notifications Fullscreen' I get a fullscreen pop up when I type that in the IDE.
    Tried to g.dump() it but that would not work when the pop up is displayed.

    However when I disconnect from the IDE and connect through Gadgetbridge - call my phone , nothing happens, when the phone stops ringing nothing happens. Same test works fine if I connect GadgetBridge to my Bangle 1. I get a pop up for a missed call. No notification that my phone is ringing (thats a different issue).

    When connected to the B2 I can see that Gadgetbridge is getting battery level notifications from the Bangle 2 as the battery icon says 61% which is what my Bangle 2 is displaying.

    I get this with 'Notifications (default)'

    >GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":­"Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})
    Uncaught Error: setLCDMode is unsupported on this device
     at line 1 col 378
    ...;Bangle.setLCDMode("direct");let x=0,y=320-size,h=size,b=y+h-1,...
    in function "show" called from line 1 col 173
    in function "GB" called from line 1 col 94
    ...,"body":"message contents"})

    You said that B2 only works with fullscreen notifications right now - so thats a known issue.

    Any tests I can initiate from the phone other than phoning it ?

  • Hmm, that's a pain about the pedometer. That's with large font, but no progress display?

    Yes - shall we split this off into a seperate thread so as not to confuse B2 notifications.

  • @Gordon - I tried the debig trick where you replace GB() with a function that writes to a log variable.

    I then disconnected from the IDE and connected to GadgetBridge and called my mobile.
    No notification.
    Then disconnected from GadgetBridge and connected through the IDE.
    I can see that log go written to.
    But there was no notification on the Bangle 2.

      "{\"t\":\"call\",\"cmd\"" ... "r\":\"0191xxxxxxx\"}",
      "{\"t\":\"call\",\"cmd\"" ... "r\":\"0191xxxxxxx\"}"

    I then reset my B2 with a long button press so that the GB() function would be restored.
    I then tested the pop up again with:

    GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"­Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})

    This worked and produced a pop up.
    I then decided to switch clocks to WaveClock.
    And voila - it worked when I rang my mobile.

    So the question is - what does a clock have to do, to allow Gadgetbridge to work ?

  • ok - the problem is something todo with the timer and the Bangle.on('lcdPower', function(on).

    Not sure why the following code is needed on a B2 when the screen is on all the time.

    // Only update when display turns on
    if (process.env.BOARD!="SMAQ3") // hack for Q3 which is always-on
    Bangle.on('lcdPower', function(on) {
      if (secondInterval)
      secondInterval = undefined;
      if (on)
        secondInterval = setInterval(draw, 1000);

    I've made the following changes and pastel clock now works with Full Screen Notifications.

    I think in future when users report issues with Gadgetbridge the first question should be to switch to one of the stock clocks.

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  • That's a strange one... Not sure really - unless the gadgetbridge widget does something depending on whether the Bangle.CLOCK value has been set by setUI...

  • One to watch out for. Could save a lot of forum time just to ask people to try one of the known clocks first. I'm working on a troubleshooting section for the GB README file.

    Got my first SMS notification on my B2 today so definitely up and running now. Thanks for the help.

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Anyone had much success with Gadgetbridge and Bangle 2 ?

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