banglerun always at 60 bpm

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  • When I use banglerun I always find myself with beats at 60, all the time.

    I haven't found any documentation about it, am I missing any apps?



  • Hi, that's odd. Are you on the latest Bangle.js firmware? do other heart rate apps (like the heart rate widget) work ok for you?

  • I got the same problem running on 2.10 firmware official build. Then I updated to 2.10.30 and it was again working fine.
    I'm now using the latest firmware 2.10.33 and it works fine.

    Hope that helps

  • I have the 2v10.33 firmware but I'm not sure if I have done the tests with the 2v10 version.

    Do I have to activate something or does banglerun think about activating the right sensors?

    Tomorrow morning I'll try again and confirm,



  • I haven't touch anything else. The firmware upgrade just corrected the problem...

  • Firmware 2v10.41

    I confirm the problem, always 60 bpm.

    HR on kitchen (clock) works without problems.

    Some advice?

  • tested now also with firmware 2v10.42

    not solved

  • @uname when you run the 'Heart Rate Monitor' app do you see the heart rate graph coming through properly?

    Just checked and the BangleRun app defaults to 60bpm until it gets a reading, and it ignores readings that Bangle.js says it doesn't have confidence in.

    The only thing I can think is I know BangleRun can take a while to update the screen, and I wonder whether the time it spends busy drawing the graphics is somehow affecting the HRM calculations

  • I have installed the "Heart Rate Monitor" app which is working correctly.

    All HR records of the file produced by banglerun have 60bpm.

    Could a reset fix it?



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  • The simplest operation I could do solved it, I reinstalled banglerun and it started working, the HRM widget icon also lit up.
    I didn't think it was important, and instead ...

  • Ahh! Right, I think I know the issue.

    Do you think your BangleRun and HRM widget were out of date? Because I think maybe if a widget was trying to turn the heart rate monitor off, it would turn it off for BangleRun and stop it recording the heart rate. Newer versions should have fixed that i hope.

  • I always keep the applications updated, such as the firmware, I do not exclude it may have been an update of "HRM widget"

    case closed!

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banglerun always at 60 bpm

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