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  • Can anybody help me port Espruino to the ESP32-S2 please? Or give some pointers, any and all help appreciated!

  • Wed 2021.09.08

    'Can anybody help me port Espruino to the ESP32-S2 please'

    The way that is worded reminds me of an old musician joke.

    Lost Tourist:     'How do I get to Carnegie Hall'?

    Citizen on side walk in N.Y. city:     'Practice'      ;-)

    Hi @dippyhippy   I just added a forum thread last week with the get started links for flashing firmware.

    Quick Start Best Practices - Commonly Referenced Links to Review and Bookmark

    Beneath Heading:   'Flash Firmware'

  • Yeah, I don't understand your reply at all @Robin. I know how to flash firmware, but it only compiles for the esp32 and not the esp32-s2.

    Are you a musician? You do strike me as an artist of sorts.

  • Yes. Primarily Bass, then keys/synth. Started on trumpet over 50 years ago, but Bass captures the soul!!

    You will need to read and understand this:­b/master/

    But first, read along my struggles from two years ago and solutions that @AkosLukacs provided.

    Espruino Build issues using
    Unable to flash MDBT42Q with either Native WebIDE or Chrome

    and to the 'Practice' comment, there will need to be some effort put in! Have fun!! . . .

  • Wed 2021.09.08

    'but it only compiles for the esp32 and not the esp32-s2'

    It dawned on me that the request for esp32-S2 as it doesn't compile error free, might have been mis-understood. The Espruino Brand and concept are supported by the community to allow for on-going development. Sale of boards along with Patreon contributions.

    While I do understand the desire to obtain a much lower cost alternative, that acquisition does come with some caveats, along with a big investment in time. That's the trade off.

    The ESP32 is a popular choice but please understand that board falls into the 'Other' board category.

    Please read over the eight bulleted list items for the originators position for this category:
    'Note: Third party boards are designed, sold and supported by companies who help to support Espruino's continued development.'

    Read more from the originators official position:­301589/

    It may be that a few sympathetic readers will assist, but I do know from reading over the forums that the few that might quickly respond are busy resolving their own issues. Still, give it a shot, as now that I've gotten over the hump, I see possibilities that I hadn't imagined initially, and also if not for the learning experience.

    You might consider this option to get some preferential support:

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