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  • Hi,

    I had given up the idea of making a backup using my iPad, because it seems that the contextual menus to choose for example where to save the files do not work under iOs (at least not on the versions I tested: iPad Pro under os14.8 and 15.4)
    So I bought a BT dongle to backup from Chrome on my old Mac and retried today. Everything works perfectly (connection, application updates, etc).

    But I get this error (image attached).

    I guess one of the files in the Bangle is corrupted and/or has characters that are bothering the backup program.
    I could not identify exactly which one.
    This error appears at the very beginning of the backup, just after scanning and downloading Settings.img,, 93dub.img and

    for info, about a week ago, after a failed compaction, I did a factory reset, a firmware update and reinstalled the apps I wanted

    Any idea before i re-factory-reset the watch ?

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  • edit to the previous message :
    after a deeper investigation thanks to the storage stack in the IDE, i found the files responsible of the failure, removed them and re-installed them. Backup is now working fine. A luck it actually backups the file in the same order they are sorted in the storage stack (or at least it seemed so) :)

  • Thanks - out of interest, which file was it?

    Just fixed it in the development app loader I think - it's an issue with the default atob implementation - usually we use a custom implementation

  • Thanks - out of interest, which file was it?

    The files were FontLECO1976Regular.js and (not sure for the second one, but just in case i have re-installed it before the new backuping attempt)
    I think they were the two only files (as from another apploader) i did not freshly replace and may have been corrupted while the compaction issue

  • This is really great, are there any know constraints? For example should I make sure that the firmware version of the backup is the same as the actual firmware on the watch?

  • I would expect no more trouble than you get by normal updating. The backup only restores the files to the storage and does not touch the firmware. You can of course hit specific incompatibilities between firmware and app versions, but there is no generic problem with restoring older apps onto newer firmware. Just update them as usual after restoring to prevent most problems.

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download / backup / sync (big) files

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