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    I am trying to connect a RAK5010 module using a Hologram Sim card. I have had no luck so far getting it to send or receive messages but it does say that it is connected to the internet when I have used the example on the Espruino for connecting.

    One possibility I have thought of is that the roaming settings aren't correctly setup.
    The code to set the at commands is as follows:

    var at;
    console.log("Turning Cell on");
    require("iTracker").setCellOn(true, function(usart) {
    console.log("Cell now on");
    at = require("AT").connect(usart);
    at.debug(); // this enables printing of data received for debug purposes
    at.cmd("AT+QCFG=\"roamservice\",2\r\n",1­000,function cb(d) {

    if (d === undefined || d == "ERROR") {
    } else{


    I wasn't exactly sure about how to send the
    at.cmd("AT+QCFG=\"roamservice\",2\r\n",1­000,function cb(d) {
    line as the at command included "roamservice" in between outer " ".

    Are there any areas that could be a problem with this code or with what I am doing with the RAK5010 setup?

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RAK5010 Board setting up internet connection with Hologram sim using AT Command with the at module

Posted by Avatar for user132204 @user132204