What do you think of this new font!

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  • Hello,

    For my needs, I created this 12x24 font with bold and condensed characters !

    Let me know what you think about it?

    Precision, it work fine on my SSD1306 ;)

    • CBolder-Fix.js

    • CBolder-Var.js

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  • A little emulator screenshot ;)

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    • screenshot (1).png
  • Looks really nice! Did you make that yourself, or is it based on another font?

    Assuming the licence works out, are you ok with me adding this to the Fonts list?

  • No, I've created this font from scratch! ;)

    Yes, no problem, you can share this in the fonts list, I created it in order to share it! but this one is only the beta version, I am working on a more complete final version with lowercase characters!

  • just put my infos please if you share the font :

    BullzLabz - FM

    I'll create a repo for all fonts that I've created for SSD1306/SSH1306 and Espruino because I've created two others segment fonts

  • Little update.

    Still some small changes and this new font will be ready to be added to the list!

    Changes for the "m", "n", "f", "h", "k", "p", "q".

    Let me know if you see others changes! ;)

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    • screenshot (3).png
  • I'm not fully happy with the fixed and variable Fonts version.

    What do you think please ?

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  • One little question,

    Would it be possible to show me a quick example code to animate each 2s characters, like a slideshow please?

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What do you think of this new font!

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