• Hi guys,

    Usually I interract with my Espruino devices on a Windows 10 computer, and everything works like a charm with the chrome online IDE.
    For a specific project, I need to connect to a MDBT42Q module but with a laptop running Windows 7. I cannot use online IDE because of the BLE restrictions on this OS. But using the native IDE (rev 0.72.1) I cannot use the Storage features (Storage button doesn't appear).
    How can I interract with the MDBT42Q Storage through the native IDE?

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Hi - I need to update the IDE. I've been avoiding it as I need to re-build 'winnus' to support the longer MTUs, but I'll have a go at that now.

    Otherwise you can use the IDE relay. Go to https://www.espruino.com/ide/relay/ on your phone, then connect to the MDBT42 and copy the code into the relay settings in the IDE on your laptop. Then it'll use your phone to connect from the Windows 7 laptop

  • Thanks Gordon, the IDE relay works well!

  • I just gave a try with the latest Native IDE (64 bit - 0.75.8) and the Storage features work as good as with the online IDE.

    Thank you very much, it makes life even easier than with the IDE relay.

  • Great! I'm hoping at some point to make the IDE relay far more seamless, but yeah, at the moment it's still a bit fiddly.

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Espruino Native IDE on Windows 7, access to device Storage?

Posted by Avatar for Jean-Philippe_Rey @Jean-Philippe_Rey