• Hello,

    I'm newbie here and with Espruino and I come from looking for help after spending more than a week as a try to flash code on my D1 R32.

    To start, here is my controller:

    Chip is ESP32-D0WDQ6 (Revision 1)
    Features: WIFI, BT, Dual Core, 240MHz, Vref Calibration in Efuse, Coding Scheme None
    Crystal is 40MHz

    With Arduino IDE, I must select the card "ESP32vn IoT UNO" from the seller. I did all the basic tests on Arduino (blink, wifi scan ...) and the controller works fine.

    So, since about a week I tried to flash the code of this project:

    Unfortunately, I followed the instructions several times with different Espruino Firmwares but I never manage to see the wifi network named "PhotoPizza" which should appear. I always see the same Wifi network: ESP-xxx (unsecured).

    As a beginner with Espruino, I don't understand too much the step or I need to upload this file:

    PhotoPizza/Firmware_for_D340_D480_D700/v­4-5 Espruino ESP32/photopizza_esp32_save_config.js

    Then disconnect the controller from the USB, then uploading this file:

    PhotoPizza/Firmware_for_D340_D480_D700/v­4-5 Espruino ESP32/photopizza_esp32_v5.js

    And then tap:


    How should I upload the first file, with "RAM" mode, with "Flash" mode or "Storage" mode? Same for the second file, what mode i must use please?

  • Hello everybody, little up ;)

  • Voila, after several unsuccessful attempts, I finally managed to make this code work and flash it in my controller.

    So I am reply myself to my answer if it can help anyone.

    First of all, it's absolutely necessary to use the Espruino 1v95 firmware, because with another version it will not work, the code must not be adapted to more recent versions.

    Then the mode to send the first file must be "FLASH" mode, and for the second file it is "RAM" mode.

    Here I hope it can help someone. I don't say thank you to anyone on this forum, because no one came to my aid!

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[SOLVED]Newbies looking for how to flash code on D1 R32!

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