How to install Weather App with Gadgetbridge?

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  • hi, I'd like to add weather app notification and sms notification at my bangle.js but can't go through the settings/installation process to make it work

    I read but don't know after I read that how to connect bangle with the phone

    I did install gadgetbridge at my phone (motorola m9 -android), I connected bangle to my phone via bluetooth in gadgetbridge app, also installed gadgetbridge in my bangle, of course weater app is installed on bangle too via web bangle app loader,

    but weather app still ask about "Is gadgetbridge connected"?
    it is connected, I see that watch is connected into gadgetbridge at my mobile

    what has to be done to make it work?
    is any good tutorial for that? btw I don't understand what I have to do with gadgetbridge after this instruction here

  • Did you setup Gadgetbridge weather reporting on your phone?

    The watch weather app doesn't check whether Gadgetbridge is connected or not, just that it has not received weather data, so it shows 'Is Gadgetbridge connected?'.

  • Ahh - yes, actually that Gadgetbridge page mainly mentions the internals of how the Gadgetbridge stuff works, not how to install it. I should change that.

    There is a little bit of info in 'Read More' next to the Gadgetbridge app

    But basically if you have Gadgetbridge installed on your phone and connected to your Bangle (with the Gadgetbridge app on it too), SMS notifications should 'just work'. There is a Debug/Testing window on Gadgetbridge where you can try functionality out too.

    For weather, did you follow the instructions at­etbridge/wiki/Weather

    It's a bit of a faff to install the separate app, but it's not too bad

  • unfortunately api key I've got from openweathermap doesn't work, I generated few of them and still nothing happen, getting info in weater notification app about api key error

  • sms notifactions, fb etc. works, thank you, still fighting with weather notifications

  • all notifications I needed works great, thank you

  • Just to add I updated the docs at to add some more useful 'getting started' info

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How to install Weather App with Gadgetbridge?

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