Feasycom FSC-BP119 Bluetooth dongle dead

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  • Hi. I got one of the @Feasycom FSC-BP119 Bluetooth dongles six months or so back. It's been working well, but a couple of days ago it seems to have completely stopped working. The blue light doesn't come on anymore, and it doesn't seem to be recogised by any computer I insert it into.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Did I just get a bad one? I was thinking about ordering another, but is there something different I should try?



  • Hi! Please could you try cleaning the USB connector, in case something has got in there and stopped it making decent contact? Also, try another port on your computer and another USB extension cable (if you were using one).

    I've never had one fail here and we use them all the time, but if it does turn out to be dead we can send a replacement over

  • Yeah, I've tried cleaning it, and plugging it into a few different computers. The USB connector seems pretty rattly, so I wonder if I've done something to break it.
    I actually bought it from AliExpress 😳, not from you. I guess I'll just order another one...
    Thanks for your help.

  • That's a shame - you could always crack it open and see if the wires need resoldering?

    For others looking: It's worth noting that the Feasycom BP119 sticks I sell in the shop have a slightly different firmware on them that 'just works' on Linux. Unless Feasycom changed their firmware across the board, the original BP119s appeared as a USB memory stick at first and needed some configuration in Linux to ensure a 'mode change' command was sent.

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Feasycom FSC-BP119 Bluetooth dongle dead

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