Get started - hardware requirements

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  • Hello everyone,

    I received my Bangle.js smartwatch few days ago and realized that I don't have to use my smartphone (like with any other "smart" device) for initial configuration. In fact, I am exited to find that I can use my new smart device with my Debian workstation exclusively.

    May I ask an advice from more experienced users: which model of USB bluetooth adapter would you recommend to GNU/Linux user for initial setup of Bangle.js? My concerns are free driver support and compatibility with Bangle.js.

    Thank you,

  • Hey Nick!
    I really recommend this page:­

    There are BT chipsets listed that work with BangleJS. I use an iAmotus BLE-Dongle with Broadcom-chipset working great on Arch.

  • Hi! I tend to develop on a Linux system, and have had a lot of success with the chipsets mentioned on that page above.

    I actually use Broadcom dongles daily, however we actually originally flash the firmware onto Bangle.js using CSR dongles :)

  • As for very cheap ones I am using these­92796.html in linux. They are either good clones or original chips, didn't look inside. They just work but all have same mac address. However there is bdaddr command in bluez that can change the address permanently if you want to use more of them at the same time (I do).

  • I am using the Plugable one on Linux with good results.

  • I'm developing on a chromebook (runs linux and debian buster in a container). The chromebook has a bluetooth interface built in. I run Ubuntu and Elementary OS on my Desktop but I dont want to sit at a Desk after work finishes.

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Get started - hardware requirements

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