LED Panel driver

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  • Some time ago, Gordon added some functionality to espruino which coud be used to control LED Panels.
    Today some more panels, up to 128x64 are available for low money. Badly, they need 4 times the data of a 64x32 panel, and we reach a limit what can be done with Espruino itself.
    Therefore I gave it a try to add new commands, written in C. Tested and running are versions for Espruino Board, ESP32 and MDBT42Q.
    Status is "kind of working for me"
    There are some problems with a few flickering pixels. Second problem is powersupply, my old one is working fine, but all I bought last months cause extremly flickering.

  • Nice - so the polling still happens from JS with LedBoard.send, but it's just the sending that is significantly faster?

    I guess as you're doing your own builds, you could look at using jstExecuteFn which will execute code in an interrupt? That way you could avoid any flicker caused by JS functions that may run on for too long?

  • Yes, its just the sending.
    It's 3 to 6 times faster, depending on board.
    EspruinoBoard still has to set bit by bit, correct me if I'm wrong.
    ESP32 and mdbt42q sets register for 32 ports.

    I'm creating my own build, see https://github.com/jumjum123/EspruinoExt­ensions/blob/master/General/LEDBoard/mak­eESPRUINOBOARD.sh

    Executing in an interrupt, this might help for ESP32. There I have a delay from time to time as I can see with logicanalyzer. Will take some time, but I will check this.
    This does not happen with your boards, at least I never found.

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LED Panel driver

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