• Hey
    Not a big issue but wanted to see if others are getting this too.
    I updated my bangle to the 2v08.208 in order to play around with the new Gadgetbridge Music Controls app and found that when I turn off the bangle via the function in the setting menu it seems to just restart?
    Could there be some "start-up" commanded that is being triggered?
    I like having it off during the pandemic so would love if this function came back at some ponit

  • Sat 2021.04.10

    Seems to be similar issue to what was just reported:

    stuck in reboot loop, after flashing using nRT Toolbox and newest FW

  • Hi - sorry about this. As a workaround you can still turn it off by long-pressing BTN1+2 until you enter the bootloader, then keeping them pressed.

    And you're certain it was 2v08.208? Because I put a change in to fix that issue towards the end of last week (https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/com­mit/bdd29774531a91be3e11c5b31434e492cc61­ba6a).

    As a bit of background: I found that we could save even more power using a slightly different way of watching the pins for changes - but it seems that caused a few problems in other areas (notably turning off).

  • I am sure it was 2V08.208 but I could have done it before you did the update.
    Either way long-pressing BTN1+2 solve my issue :-)

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"Turn off" function in setting now not working? 2v08.208

Posted by Avatar for DrBard @DrBard