Bangle Js black screen

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  • I'm just coming for a big ride an I would download my track (the battery is very low).
    But the bangle js doesn't work when I'm booting the watch display the booting screen but remains blocked there. Anybody know what to do ?

  • Hi @Guillaume_G I actually had a similar situation. Was charging every five days, let the watch sit for several weeks, then watch apparently wouldn't boot, providing the dreaded black screen as you describe. After several failed charging attempts, I did a Long-press BTN1 + BTN2 for about 6 seconds reset, then plugged in the cable and left the charging cable on in excess of five hours. Left for the day. When I returned, the watch did power on and boot.

    Maybe the secret is leaving the watch alone for some private time!  ;-)

    p.s. Don't know whether your data will be retrievable though. . . .

  • Thanks for your help but it doesn't work :(

  • Hello @Guillaume_G well that was worth a shot. As the Holiday is upon us, it might be that there will be lower viewer visibility within the forum this weekend. It might make sense to provide more detail in the steps taken so far, Kickstarter or new model, version if known, and what application was running, if your own, what general activities were underway, such as how often GPS reads, method to store and how often etc., along with how long the device was on, what reset sequences have been tried, double checking the charger cable direction, what exactly is seen, text msgs and so on, so that the next individual might be able to better assess using reverse logic elimination.

    In my case, having bizarre charging experiences with LiPo in general, I made the assumption that the charging circuitry wasn't detecting a sufficient voltage within the detectable range to actually start the charging process. LiPo requires a stable state for constant current charging. So, if this is the case with your Bangle also, it might be that additional current draining is required or maybe a slight charging current trickle boosts the voltage just enough for the charging circuit to get started. Mine sat for several weeks, while yours was indeed operational. There must be some commonality that will get yours running again.

    Just had a thought, if this were an app that was executing, is it stuck in a loop waiting for a specific keypress even though that feedback content isn't viewable on the black screen. Maybe holding down that known button might allow the app to adavance sufficient enough to then use one of the reset methods.

  • Hi! Are you definitely running firmware 2v08? The boot screen should say on it (it's the one showing the Bangle.js logo?).

    It's possible that the Bangle.js memory got full and Bangle.js went to compact the memory to free up some space and then something happened. I thought we had that all sorted in 2v08, but earlier versions could have problems...

    I guess you could have been super unlucky in which case the battery died while it was compacting, and then the data got completely lost. In that case you'd have to go to the App Loader and choose 'About -> Install Default Apps' but that would remove everything you'd previously got installed.

  • Yes, I think there was something wrong with the memory because all of my data and app were lost but I have installed all the default app and know it's working.
    Thanks for your help! @Robin @Gordon

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Bangle Js black screen

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