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  • I've been absent for some years. Coming back a lot has changed. Many new cool features :-). However, one seems to be gone: states "If you set a project folder with Web IDE -> Settings -> Project, the Web IDE will automatically create an empty modules folder inside it. Put a module there and you can load it with require("myCustomModule");.

    I'm executing the IDE in Chrome on Mac OS X by visiting That version does not have this option. Is there a version with this feature available for download? I've checked Googles Chrome-Appstore but the IDE does not seem to exist there anymore.

  • Sun 2021.03.21

    Hi @AntiCat and welcome back!

    Quite a while back for new-arrivals, I added the three WebIDE link locations,

    For future reference:

    Home >> Tutorials >> Writing an effective forum post

    Beneath heading Three WebIDE variants

    link copied here­-chrome-web-store

    First link takes one to:­l/espruino-web-ide/bleoifhkdalbjfbobjack­fdifdneehpo

    Where the WebIDE may be launched from the upper right. If memory serves, it used to be (pre ~Aug 2020) possible to d/l the native WebIDE as an executable, but I believe for Windows only. I too was surprised just now to learn this.

    While I've only done this on Win10, it does launch a separate chromeless browser instance.

    Chrome App, v0.74.1

    From WebIDE >> Settings Icon (top right) >> Projects >> Select Directory for Sandbox

    opens a modal dialog to navigate the folder structure.

    info only
    Web App, v0.75.3
    for the direct link

    And I agree that the 'Projects' folder is not present with that 'opens in tab' version.

  • Hi! Yes, the local modules thing is annoying - unfortunately standard Web Apps aren't able to access the local file system, so the feature couldn't be enabled. I'll update the docs.

    Having said that there are some new filesystem APIs available to Web Browsers now that might allow us to get it working again. It's something that's on my (long) list of things to look at.

    A good solution, now we have Storage, is actually just to upload the module direct to the board - it works pretty well and even makes uploads a bit faster.

  • @Robin Thank you for the Pointer (­l/espruino-web-ide/bleoifhkdalbjfbobjack­fdifdneehpo). That’s the IDE Variant I was looking for.

    I tried the chrome web store before posting here. However, when I enter “Espruino” in the search field the only app that shows up is a fake. It's strange that the in-store-search does not work, at least on my system/language setting.

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  • @Gordon Yes Storage is one of the cool features, I'm looking forward to using.

  • Wow, that is a strange one. I think the issue is Chrome has deprecated Apps (like the Web IDE) and doesn't list them in the store any more, but it hasn't deprecated extensions and so still lists those.

    It's frustrating to have something else in there confusing people though.

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Modules from a local folder

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