Never-ending buzz on notifications

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  • Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes the notification system works perfectly, but most of the time there is a never ending buzz. I have changed multiple firmwares, in case this information is pertinent.

  • What clock face and other widgets do you have?

    Sometimes, if something uses the clearInterval() command without arguments it'll clear all timers, including the one that stops the buzz.

  • Numerals clock (sometimes the image watchface) and only the gadgetbridge widget, as too many others causes the watch to lose a lot of memory.

    And yeah, I just hold button 3 to reset, I would ultimately just like it to not happen.

    I haven't looked into the code of the watchface itself, so I'm uncertain about clearInterval()

  • Just tried here with Numerals Clock and a simple notification and I don't seem to be able to reproduce it. Are you definitely running with the 2v08 firmware and all your apps up to date?

  • I actually updated to 2v08 and it kept happening so I went back down to a previous version in an attempt to get rid of it without luck. I'll try updating again and hope for the best. Let me know if you have further thoughts.

  • Okay, so reflashed the 2v08, and no change. However, I was running full screen notifications. After going back to default, no problems anymore. Any idea why? Either way, at least it's fixed.

  • Glad it's sorted!

    I just tried fullscreen notifications here and the buzz seems to work fine though.

    Is it possible that you had been developing some code yourself which might have caused a problem?

  • I experience the same behaviour, not sure if it started with 2v08 though.
    Numerals clock, Gadgetbridge, full screen notifications, most of the time I get endless vibration.
    It does not happen with the Morphing clock.
    Not sure what it is that I'm doing differently in the Numerals code and no idea how to debug it...

  • It used to be that calling clearInterval/clearTimeout with no arguments could cause this - but actually if you try one of the 'cutting edge' builds I changed this last week so it should stop happening now

  • if you try one of the 'cutting edge' builds I changed this last week so it should stop happening now

    I flashed 2v09.87 a few days ago and it indeed seems to be resolved

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Never-ending buzz on notifications

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