LilyGo T5 C Code

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  • Hi,

    I've just got a LilyGo T5 which is an e-ink display with an ESP 32 attached.

    I've got a set of Arduino libraries as I can develop for it on that, but it got me thinking about how one would port the code over to Espruino. I've read that you can compile C code to run under espurino. Is this documented anywhere? How would one even start to look at this? what tools are needed to do this?


  • Fri 2021.02.19

    Hi @Ruprect99

    From the Reference­mpiledC

    Best overall getting started page

    See the 'Caveats' heading at page bottom

    or, was

    'I've read that you can compile C code'

    targeted towards building your own firmware?­Firmware

    Also see links beneath heading 'Steps to locate Espruino source code'­335009/

  • You don't need C to write a display driver for your e-ink display. I had something similar (their 2.13 inch display), but didn't have the chance to to write a proper driver. Unfortunately, because the displays are fragile, it broke in transit during a house move recently.

    Gordon has a display driver writen for an SSD1606, it's possible that your display is not too far off and you could adapt it. You'd need to identify the chipset first, then make the modifications.

    Everything else is Javascript, so it's a matter of "converting" thinking in C to thinking in Javascript.


  • Hi,

    I did a bit more googling and found that one of the devices I have uses the IT8951 driver.

    so not sure if there is a module for this one yet, but I did find a node.js library that should be easy enough to transfer over


    Rob Smart

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LilyGo T5 C Code

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