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  • Hi All, I am trying to use tiny dash value control. Is there a way to type the value in from keyboard? It seems the only way to change it from UI is through the arrow buttons.

  • I'm afraid there's nothing at the moment. I guess in an ideal world it'd just use a 'input' element for the value in that case.

  • Thanks @Gordon for quick answer. Tinydash is great for experiments but very limited at the moment. Would be great if this project evolved. I would say top feature to add would be scaling.

  • For anyone else wondering about this, there's a demo here: https://espruino.github.io/TinyDash/

    You mean scaling the size of elements to fit in the correct area of the element, or scaling to fill the screen?

    But yes, I'd really like to see it get better as well - I've just got a lot on at the moment and not much time. It'd be great if there were some contributions.

    Personally I'd really like it to look a bit cleaner, and maybe have some kind of simple layout system so you can just add elements to it and not worry (or maybe just make a layout editor that works).

    I was vaguely wondering about trying to set up a some kind of hack day to work on it... In an ideal world we have an easy option for integration with MQTT over WebSockets or something like that.

  • Scaling as in when you resize the browser it scales with it. I am using tinydash for a web bluetooth joystick. It can be used from phone as well and right now button sizes are fixed which makes everything clattered on a small screen. WebJoystick
    I think it would be great project on its own to have set of engineering controls. I will look into getting getting data through input. I saw some examples already so it shouldnt be too hard. My js skills are very basic so not sure if the quality will be good enough to push it back to original project.

  • Ahh - yes, I believe I use meta viewport in some examples, which should do scaling for mobile devices - but it's mobile-only. Potentially even something like this might help with scaling on desktop, although ideally there would be better solutions! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1875­0769/scale-div-with-its-content-to-fit-w­indow

  • Thanks. This seems to be working nice. I will look into adding this functionality into tiny dash.

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Tiny Dash value

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