Accelerometer broken ?

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  • Hey i think my accelerometer is broken, Ive tried reinstalling all apps and upgrading to latest firmware but I can't get the Bangle.on('accel', function(acc) {}); to give me any varying data. The lcd on twist doesn't either work nor the faceup event.

    Any clues on how i could debug this further ?

  • By latest firmware, do you mean 2v08, or the cutting edge firmware?

    Because it turns out there was an issue with the accelerometer where it could come up with corrupted registers - and there was actually a specific way you have to reset it to get it to work. I only added that code in the last week or so, and I had no way to test it.

    However, before that code got added (so if you just have 2v08 firmware) the only solution to fix it was to flatten the Bangle's battery completely - and then everything would start working again.

    So personally I'd just go to the IDE, and enter Bangle.setGPSPower(1);Bangle.setLCDTimeo­ut(0);Bangle.setLCDPower(1);Bangle.setHR­MPower(1) - which should turn everything on, and will hopefully flatten the Bangle in maybe 5 hours?

  • Im running the latest stable so 2v08. Thanks Ill will try to drain the battery and hope for the best. Thanks !

  • Ok - or you actually if you can install a 'cutting edge' build from­/master/ it'd be a big help, as if that fixes it we'll know that the changes I made actually work :)

  • Alright, i will try that instead :)

  • Well now i can verify that your fix works. Glad i could help and thanks !

  • That's brilliant - thanks for letting me know! It seems very rare - out of 6000 watches and almost a year I think it's been reported 3 times now, but it's good to know that the new firmware fixes it!

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Accelerometer broken ?

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