• Hi All, I started with the dtauncer code and have ended up with what I think is a quite nice launcher. You can swipe left or right or use the buttons, press BTN2 to launch the App in the middle. I have been using it for a few days.

    One of the issues that I ran into (which also impacts dtlauncher) is that some of the icons are black with maybe transparen middles. These dont work when put on a black background. What I observed was it looking like Apps had disappeared in the launcher. A couple of good examples are the cliock and the route app, both of these icons disappear. To workround this I have placed the icon on top of a grey background to start, but its a bit messy. I guess I could just set the whole screen to oliveGreen or something. The other issue that can happen is working out how to split a log App name onto the top and bottom line. At the moment I am just splitting on the first word but maybe I need to select the best of splitting on the first or last word. Screenshots below.

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  • and another shot. The route viewer would be totally black if I had not put a grey rectangle behind it.

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  • and

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  • Looks great! You could always move to using a smaller font if the app text is too long?

    Some of the icons are black with maybe transparent middles

    Wow, ok - looks like the original creator didn't really format the icons right. Honestly those wouldn't have worked well on any launcher.

    I'll fix cliock and route now, but if you find any others please let me know!

  • I just checked and actually route is fine. I believe your issue is you need to do g.setColor(-1) - app icons that are 1 bit are rendered using the foreground and background colors :)

    cliock is as you say though, so I'm just fixing that

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playing around with a new launcher, some issues with icons

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