Weather data without Gadgetbridge

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  • Is it possible to bring in weather data to a Bangle.js without Gadgetbridge? I do not have an Android device. A workaround may be worth trying.

  • Do you have any kind of device available that could be used? Bangle.js will need some way to connect to the internet.

    I am working on building ANCS (the Apple Notification system) directly into Bangle.js firmware though, and it's possible Weather is supported on that. However if it's not, it would be very difficult on Apple devices because background access for apps is so locked down

  • Thanks for your answer! I have no Android device, only an iPhone (and portable Apple computer). Pebble put its app in the app store; it worked very well, including with weather APIs. I'm hoping you'll do the same eventually, also that ANCS goes into firmware, as you indicated, soon. That would be much appreciated.

    What's the minimal Android device that may be used for Gadgetbridge?

    I'm working on re-creating the few apps I produced for Pebble. A professional is doing the work, because I'm not a programmer. We'll proceed to try weather when you think we should.

  • I'm looking into a native app for iOS and I hope there'll be an option in maybe 3 months time or so.

    The issue I have really is finding a way of supporting it all. I'm one developer - and I already have to maintain a whole bunch of devices, as well as the App store, IDE, website and a bunch of other stuff. I really don't want to have to add iOS apps onto that list as well.

    What's the minimal Android device that may be used for Gadgetbridge?

    Pretty much anything (I think Android v5 for sure, possibly even some v4). A cheap phone from 5+ years ago will run it fine.

  • I'll look for an old phone and await an improvement. (As you may know, many of us in the creative, educational, or publishing industries in North America use Apple products, despite their problems.)

    Thank you for your notable dedication and help.

  • Honestly, the GadgetBridge weather function hasn't worked once for me.... I honestly thought the app was still in development or perhaps a proof of concept.

  • You need to install a Gadgetbridge 'weather helper' app first, if that helps?

    Gadgetbridge has a super strict policy on not accessing the network at all, so it's reliant on helper apps for any external data

  • Any news on this topic? Requiring 1) an Android phone, 2) Gadgetbridge, 3) a weather helper seems rather awkward, and I don't know yet what the limitations are. Nonetheless, I'll try it if it works and is necessary.

  • Right now there's nothing to report. Gadgetbridge's whole ethos is not to use an internet connection, so there's no way of this being added as an 'all in one' thing.

    However I've been talking to a company that's using Espruino in their watches and hopefully we'll be able to benefit from their work on an app for Android/iOS - and hopefully extend it to finally provide some easy internet connectivity options too.

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Weather data without Gadgetbridge

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