• Hi i have some problems to connect to my Oryginal green board with soldered there HC-05 bluetooth module. There is no problem to connect via usb, I can also write new firmware into it, but my mac can't connect into it. Or if shows that is connected then there is also information in Web IDE "no response from the board". Don't know whats wrong with that, before I did use it for some tests with no problems.
    I appreciate some advice how to bring back this connection via bluetooth.

  • ok, no Idea what happend, but when I did connected it into other power supply (than my mac), it works by bluetooth, hmmm ... no idea why

  • Can be that when connected to mac the console was redirected to usb-serial so that could explain 'no response from the board'. when just power is attached the console is not on usb.

    When attached to mac you can try web serial connection in webide instead of bluetooth.

  • Can be that when connected to mac the console was redirected to usb-serial so that could explain 'no response from the board'. when just power is attached the console is not on usb.

    Yes, that's what is happening.

    You can force the console to stay in one place by adding Serial1.setConsole(1) (for Bluetooth) or USB.setConsole(1) to the code you upload.

  • Will Bluetooth automatically be activated after soldering the HC-05 module onto the board (and resetting, of course)? Or is a special firmware required (the IDE let's me choose between three different versions - I tried all three, but none worked)?

    I also just equipped two original Espruinos with HC-05s - but neither my Mac nor any BT scanner shows any reaction

  • HC-05 is not BLE, it is old Bluetooth 2.0, HM-10 is BLE.
    HC-05 is good mainly to connect to another HC-05.
    You can connect it to PC but via older rfcomm protocol, that adds another COM port but it is a bit of hassle. After PC is set up with new COM port paired to your HC-05 you can use serial connection in IDE

  • well, but the official instructions mention the HC-05 explicitly and my intention was to program an original Espruino via Web BT from a Mac using the Web IDE - as shown

  • Then sorry for the noise. You did not link that tutorial before.

    I was guessing you think HC-05 is BLE and expect to find it via Web IDE when clicking bluetooth. Still, everything in that tutorial and what I said applies.

    There is also similar tutorial for adding BLE module to original Espruino here https://www.espruino.com/Bluetooth+BLE

    Currently if price is same, getting two HM-10 may be better than getting two HC-05 to connect them to each other and/or if you also want to connect to it from nrf5x devices. Also BLE version may draw less power.

    However in your case it is true that BLE version (HM-10) would not work directly with WebIDE as described there so using HC-05 makes better sense.

    In theory HM-10 could work with WebIDE as direct BLE connection. However HM-10 does not implement Nordic BLE UART protocol. It could be added as all those BLE serial protocols are similar so just using diferent service guids may work. When checking now the ble_uart and ble_simple_uart modules described in https://www.espruino.com/BLE+UART can also do only nordic uart so adding HM-10 there could be useful too.

  • don't worry for the noise - however I still do not know how to proceed.

    In principle, the Mac should ask me whether I'd like to couple the HC-05 - but it doesn't.

  • Ok,

    I meanwhile managed to pair the HC-05 with my Mac.

    It seems that the intensity of the chip's BT signal is so low (especially compared to all other BT devices I'm currently using) that my Mac simply did not receive it properly. Bringing it closer to my computer solved the "problem".

    Keep that in mind when you try yourself!

    Additional note: once paired, the special "trick" for macOS mentioned in the original instructions does not seem to be necessary any longer: Chrome now properly recognizes Bluetooth serial ports as well.

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Can't connect to Espruino Original by HC-05 bluetooth

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