Active Pedometer settings / accuracy

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  • Hi. I tested the ActivePedometer at lunch time and walked about 1.5 miles.

    My Amizfit bip registered 3089 steps. The Active Pedometer registered 1316.
    Part of the walk was a 1 mile circular route that I know is approx 2000 steps on a Fitbit and
    1950 on the Amixfit.

    Looking at the settings, everything looks fine. I could change threshold to 15 steps as I think 30 excludes going up and down the stairs.

    Step sens.: Step Sensitivity. How sensitive should the sted detection be? This changes sensitivity in step detection in the firmware. Standard in firmware: 80.

    What does this setting mean in practice ? I guess I could try 40 and see what the impact is.
    Not sure if this is defect or a tuning issue at this stage.


  • @Purple-Tentacle do you have any ideas about the settings?

    I'd be pretty sure it's a tuning issue. You could also try the basic pedometer and see what you get (I think both can coexist).

    There's actually an issue open in Espruino for switching to a more complex step counting algorithm - so hopefully that'll get done at some point which could really help.

  • I similarly noted that the Active Pedometer seems to miss a lot of steps with the standard settings. I noted that once it is active though, the detection seems to be quite accurate, so I suspected it to be mostly due to the "Step threshold" and "Active Reset" settings.

    I reduced those to 15/15000 (i.e. 15 steps in 15 seconds instead of the default 30 steps in 30 seconds) and it seems to be more reliable. Maybe reducing it further improves it even more, but at some point I guess it would become too sensitive to non-step motions.

  • i was trying to find the good tuning. @Sebastian are you still using those settings?

    my problem is a bit different than yours. at the moment pedometer seems to be too sensitive by default. I'll try this settings of 15/15000 tomorrow :)

  • I'm not using the app at the moment, and I have not tried any other settings.

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Active Pedometer settings / accuracy

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