An application compatible with strava ?

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  • Hello I just received my watch and I'm happy. I'm creating this discussion to find out if it would be possible to create a sports application (like the one already available) to send data to the strava application.
    Thanks for your responses

  • I am also very interested in this topic

    Regarding the interoperability among bangle.js apps and other apps like Strava, Bangle apps(GPS recorder or write data in files in a csv format.
    Whereas Strava app/web uses and import from XML formats ( .tcx and .gpx ) and a binary format ( .fit)

    It would be great to add the xml as an output format in bangle.js apps but I am not sure about impact on performance.

    There are several ways to generate an XML from with CSV data, but it requires mapping a some manual work.

    Bangle run format:
    GPS recorder format:

  • Hi - I did have a look at adding this directly to the App Loader, but unfortunately the Strava API requires some server-side stuff to work nicely (I can't just host it).

    However as @dapgo notes you can import GPX files into Strava - so you'd just have to go into the App Loader, export the data to a GPX file and then import that file to Strava.

    You can do that right now with the GPS Recorder app: however it doesn't record heart rate or steps - it's just the GPS trace.

    It should be pretty easy to just copy the interfacing file from GPS Recorder (­lob/master/apps/gpsrec/interface.html) to BangleRun and extend it to add heartrate/step fields though.

  • There is now the ability to export from BangleRun to Strava:­358435/

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An application compatible with strava ?

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