gadgetbridge HRM and activity

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  • I am seeing that recently gadgetbridge has included new features inside the "Activity and Sleep" section.

    First of all, I haven't found info about how to use it but at least i have realized that activating the BPM (button1) then Gadgetbridge modifies an activity on the "Activity List" modifying steps, kms, hr its end time

    Today I have 3 activities, 2 Walking and 1 Running, but I haven't run at all.

    for example i checked the screen witha difference of 4min it changed from
    23018 Active steps, distance 17,8km active time 4h33m
    32991 Active steps, distance 25,5km active time 4h37m

    I don't know how the distance is calculated but it is really wrong.

    Can you provide info about how to start/stop activities?
    best practices, tips and status of work?

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  • About the "activity" screen, it shows the HR measures but the measures varies continuously and too much, from 4o to 200 and i was not doing cardio sport :o

    an example of the heart rate graph

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  • This is news to me! I'd added code to allow BPM and steps to be transferred to Gadgetbridge (as long as the gadgetbridge widget is up to date) but I hadn't noticed the activity list automatically updating.

    In fact unless you explicitly enable it in the options on the Bangle, heart rate detection should be disabled, so I'm not sure where those numbers are coming from. Or did you enable it?

    But the widget just sends step/HRM info atĀ­lob/master/apps/gbridge/widget.js#L259 - it's not setting an activity so I can only imaging gadgetbridge is trying to figure it out based on what it sees.

    With the massive step count, all I can imagine is that maybe it gets confused when you change between apps, and sends the current total step count when it should just send the amount of steps since last time. Having said that, now I look at it again the lastSentSteps = 0 code looks a bit off.

  • I enabled the HRM through using the "vertical Face" clock that can show BPM in screen, by default heart rate is not measured but the measure is enabled clicking "button1"

    It seems that when you disconnect from GB if it can create a new activity that finish at time of disconnection.
    Otherwise enabling/disabling HR , seems that "paused" activity gets reactivated and increases its steps,kms and end time.

    These functions are very promising, and i hope that bangle.js can monitor sleep soon :)

  • glad to see i was not the only one experiencing those weird reports in GB, and glad to know it s still in progress and will work (i love the idea and ethics of the combination of GB and the Great Bangle)

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gadgetbridge HRM and activity

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